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Welcome to our new AIA adoption site!  Many AIA members have chosen adoption as their path toward building a family. Adoption is complex, but once you have explored your choices and discovered which kind of adoption works best for you emotionally and financially, you can be confident that parenthood is within your reach.

Our goal is to provide you with current information on domestic and international adoption, as well as offering articles written by people who have successfully adopted.

In the coming months we will be providing you with articles describing the adoption process as well as a bibliography of books for you to explore. Besides learning about the different types of adoption available to you, we will discuss the home study process, talking with birthparents, medical issues to be aware of when adopting, how raising adopted children is the same and how it is different, and more.

We are also developing a list of resources to connect you with established organizations and individuals in the field of adoption.

Thank you for your patience as we work toward giving you the information which will enable you to develop a solid understanding of your options and lead you toward your goal.

The ,  a comprehensive resource on all aspects of adoption, including infant, intercountry, and special needs adoption, has graciously provided the AIA with the following fact sheets.

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