Dear Friend:

Every journey begins with the first step - even the road that leads to parenthood and family.  You may have already discovered that The American Infertility Association is here to support you when you begin your journey.  We can also provide you with the help you need at every step along the way.  Through the AIA helpline, newsletter, patient meetings and on-line events, publications and much more, we bring you the advice from experts and support from friends that can help you to build the family you want.

Why should you  join The American Infertility Association?

There are many reasons why you should join the AIA - but here's the one reason you will care about most: we have information, referral lists, resources and support that can help make your dream of a family come true as quickly and safely as possible.   We can help you understand your options and make smarter decisions every step of the way.  We can make the whole experience easier. And you can use our services when you need them.

The AIA is not a "club."  We're a resource designed specifically to help you and your family.  We understand what you're going through, and we know how much you want to succeed in building your family.  We want you to succeed, too - and we have created AIA with that single important goal in mind.

By joining AIA, you are also helping others who share your dream of a family.  Your support helps us to fight for insurance coverage for infertility, and helps us to inform the media, employers, government officials and others about family building issues better.  With AIA, you get the help you need, and you help others at the same time.

The AIA is here when you need us - from the privacy of your own home, or person-to-person at our meetings and other special events.  It's all available to you for only $45.   Give yourself the very best chance possible to make your dream of a family come true.  Take advantage of The American Infertility Association.   We're here to help.


Pamela Madsen
Executive Director
The American Infertility Association