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Directory of AIA

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The American Infertility Association - General Organization

Executive Director - Pamela Madsen

Postal address: American Infertility Association

New York, NY 10103
Email address:
Telephone number:

The American Infertility Association Officers & Executive Committee

Chair - Carolyn Berger, CSW
Vice Chair - Carrie Hymowitz, PhD
Treasurer- David Balser, MBA
Secretary - Malki Levine
Executive Committee - Patricia Mendell, CSW

The American Infertility Association Board of Directors

Westchester Coordinator - Carrie Hymowitz, PhD
Advocacy Chair - Raina Baim
Support Line Administrator - Joan Fried
Co-Director of Support Groups - Sara Barris, PhD and Joann Paley Galst - PhD
Medical  Community Liaison - Owen Davis, MD
Editor in Chief - Lisa Rosenthal
Support Line Coordinator - Patricia Mendell, CSW

Board members at large -
sp8x72.gif (108 bytes)Natan Bar-Chama, MD
sp8x72.gif (108 bytes)Dan Becker, Esq.
sp8x72.gif (108 bytes)Donald Hribek
sp8x72.gif (108 bytes)Beth Kushnick
sp8x72.gif (108 bytes)Evan J. Kutcher
sp8x72.gif (108 bytes)Michael Plaut, Esq.
sp8x72.gif (108 bytes)Richard Scott, MD
sp8x72.gif (108 bytes)David Stern

The American Infertility Association Medical Advisory Board

In recognition of the exciting and groundbreaking changes in the science of infertility treatment, AIA has established our first Medical Advisory Board to assist us in providing our membership with up to date information and to provide a setting for dialogues between the patient community and representatives of our professional community.

David Barad, MD
Natan Bar-Chama, MD
Steven Brenner, MD
Alan B. Copperman, MD
Michael Darder, MD
Sami S. David, MD
Harry Fisch, MD
Richard V. Grazi, MD
Frederic Licciardi, MD
Ellyn H. Modell, MD
Harris M. Nagler, MD
Daniel Navot, MD
Richard Marrs, MD
Zev Rosenwaks, MD

David Sable, MD
Benjamin Sandler, MD
Mark Sauer, MD
Jonathon Scher, MD
Peter N. Schlegel, MD
Richard T. Scott Jr., MD
Samuel Thatcher, MD
Michael Wenof, MD

The American Infertility Association Staff

Director of Development - Corey Whelan
Assistant to Executive Director - Melinda Micciola
Support Line Staff - Lori Masi
Programming Coordinator - Stephanie Plaut
Queens Coordinator - Judy Rappaport
Staten Island Coordinator - Elaine Ferrara
Educational Coordinator - Stephanie Plaut
Co-Director Support Group - Gloria Demby, CSW and Elaine Robbins, CSW

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