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Both Houses of NY State Legislature pass bills to cover infertility
An effort initiated more than a year ago by advocates for couples with infertility has led the New York State Assembly and Senate to each pass bills (A. 7303 / S. 3131) that will help more New Yorkers to have access to insurance coverage for the treatment of infertility.


AIA cautions couples on use of SART report
The American Infertility Association cautions infertile couples not to make treatment decisions based solely on IVF Center success rates published by the CDC


Doctors debate ways to prevent multiple births
Should doctors refuse to continue with infertility treatment when a multiple birth is likely? Should insurance companies expand their coverage of infertility treatment? These questions are addressed by two specialists in the December issue of the journal Fertility and Sterility.


Viagra Can Aid Infertility Treatment
The medication also may be helpful for couples who are undergoing treatment for infertility, researchers in Israel report.


Most Americans believe health care coverage should include costs of infertility treatment, according to a Peter Hart survey
In one of the first US surveys conducted to capture attitudes and perceptions surrounding infertility in the U.S., the number one reason for supporting coverage was based on the belief that all infertile couples, and not just those who can afford appropriate treatment, should have access to it.


ORGANON representatives recognized at American Infertility Association's Kokopelli Ball for outstanding commitment to infertility advocacy


AIA Opposes Proposed Legislation in New Jersey
A press release by AIA from November 10, 1999 in response to proposed legislation in New Jersey that would prohibit the sale of himan eggs, sperm and embryos.


JAMA article: Live-Birth Rates and Multiple-Birth Risk Using In Vitro Fertilization

In Vol.282 No. 19, November 17, 1999 of the Journals of the American Medical Association, JAMA, Laura A. Schieve, PhD; Herbert B. Peterson, MD; Susan F. Meikle, MD; Gary Jeng, PhD; Isabella Danel, MD; Nancy M. Burnett, BS; Lynne S. Wilcox, MD publish the results of their study which "examines associations between the number of embryos transferred during IVF and live-birth and multiple-birth rates stratified by maternal age". 
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AIA Supports New Guidelines To Help Reduce Multiple Births

ORGANON Inc. commends new guidelines on limiting number of embryos transferred to reduce risk of multiple births



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