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Volunteer Center

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Volunteers Needed

One out of every six couples will experience difficulty trying to start a family.

The American Infertility Association is committed to assisting couples through this difficult time but we need your help.

We are seeking volunteers who can help us in our efforts to reach out to those in need of our services. If you have public relations experience or advertising experience or just want to make a difference in someones life please call us.

Support Line Volunteers are needed to help with membership and requests for information and referrals. Support Line volunteers are trained to respond to a variety of calls that come into AIAs main line. The Support Line is our lifeline to not only our current members, but also to our potential new members. We need serious volunteers who will be able to pick up messages for one half-day per week and return those calls promptly. An average of three to five calls per shift can be expected. To volunteer, please call Patricia at .

Help Wanted!!

We need volunteers to help run our March 5 Symposium.  If you would like to help our and attend the conference at no charge please call Carrie at

Submitting Newsletter Articles

Do you have original articles, personal stories, humorous anecdotes, birth or adoption announcements or requests for contact? Please consider sharing your thoughts, hopes, fears or complaints with the AIA newsletter editors. Items may be submitted by e-mail, on 3.5" computer diskettes, or typewritten and sent via snail-mail. Materials submitted will be printed at the discretion of the editor. Please send any items directly to the attention of Lisa Rosenthal, Editor In Chief.


The American Infertility Association
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