Whats New in Legislation in My State?


House Bill 629 was introduced by Representative Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. Senate Bill 1680 was introduced by Senator Klein. This legislation mandated the coverage of infertility diagnosis and treatment, including up to 4 completed oocyte retrievals.

More information about the Florida legislation is available at . The text of the bill is available at .



Representative Craig Fry passed the bill in the House of Representatives, however Senator Patricia Millers support in the Senate did not pass.

More information about the Indiana legislation is available at http://www.state.in.us.



The legislative mandate to cover infertility treatment, including four egg retrievals, with up to 20% co-pay was introduced into the Maine Legislature (Document 1424) by Representative Muse, and co-sponsorship from Senator Rand, Representative Bull and Representative Stevens. The committee on Banking and Insurance unanimously voted against the legislation.

You can find out more information at http://www.state.me.us.



Senate Bill 520 and Senate Bill 521 were introduced by Senators Peters and Schwartz to mandate coverage of infertility diagnosis and treatment for insured groups (10 or more people) including coverage of ART for up to three completed oocyte retrievals for first live birth and up to two more cycles for second live birth. The Bills were sent to the Committee on Health Policy.

This legislation can be viewed at http://www.michiganlegislature.org.



A legislation (Senate Bill 295) to mandate coverage of the diagnosis and treatment of infertility, including four egg retrievals for first live birth, or two more retrievals for second birth was introduced into the Nevada Senate and then moved to the Committee on Commerce and Labor. A subcommittee had previously recommended that the bill be passed but the Commerce and Labor Committee did not hold a hearing on the legislation.

The legislation text is available at http://www.leg.state.ny.us/70th/bills/sb/sb295.html. The Nevada
State Legislature Web site is http://www.leg.state.nv.us.


New Hampshire

Senate Bill 52, introduced by Senator Burt Cohen, passed in the Senate Insurance Committee. The bill was then sent to the Full Senate, where it passed, and was sent to the House Commerce Committee. The study committee of the House Commerce Committee recommended against passing the bill. However, an interim study will take place in the year 2000.

For more info, contact the New Hampshire legislature at http://www.state.nh.us or view the legislation text at www.state.nh.us/gencourt/bills/99bills/sb0052.html.


New Jersey

The New Jersey Senate and the New Jersey Assembly have both passed legislation requiring coverage. On January 18, Governor Christine Todd Whitman vetoed the legislation that would require infertility insurance coverage.

The text of the legislation is available at . You can also contact Governor Whitman at http://www.state.nj.us/governor.contact.htm, Tel: or fax .


New York

The Assembly passed legislation 7303, sponsored by Speaker of the Assembly Sheldon Silver and Senate Bill 3131, sponsored by Senator Kenneth Lavalle passed the Senate. Please see our advoacy alert in NY to see how you can help move these bills into law.



House Bill 1338, legislation to mandate the coverage of the diagnosis and treatment of infertility was introduced by Representative Davis. The bill did not get out of the Insurance Committee before session ended.

Legislature information is available at http://www.lsb.state.ok.us.



Senate Bill 1031, with five Senator sponsors, and House Bill 2016, with 20 Representative sponsors, have been introduced. The legislation mandates the same level of infertility coverage that is already provided to members of the state legislature.

For view the bills, contact the legislatures Web site at http://www.legis.state.pa.us.



During the 1998-1999 legislative year, four bills were introduced:

House Bill 1821 by Representative DeBerry
Senate Bill 1677 by Senator Harper
House Bill 0714 by Representative West
Senate Bill 0376.

This legislation mandates insurance coverage of infertility diagnosis and treatment, including up to four oocyte retrievals, with two retrievals covered following a birth (total of six over).

The House legislation was sent to the Industrial Impact SubCommittee of the Commerce Committee and the Senate legislation was sent to the Commerce, Labor and Agriculture Committee.

For more information contact http://www.legislature.state.tn.us.



Senate Bill 572, to mandate insurance coverage of infertility diagnosis and treatment, including up to three completed oocyte retrievals, with two more retrievals covered after live birth, was introduced by Senator Florence Shapiro and was sent to the Senate Economic Development Committee.



House Bill 2403 introduced by Delegate William K. Barlow, passed in the House of Delegates and was sent to the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee, which sent it to the Special Advisory Commission on Mandated Health Insurance Benefits.? The Commission recommended against the Senate passing the bill. Another bill may be introduced in 2000.



Representative Sandra Romero and Senator Karen Fraser are considering introducing a bill into the House (3628.1) and Senate (3776.1) in the 2000 session. The bills will go to the House Health Care Committee and the Senate Health and Long-Term Care Committee. Contact your legislators immediately to show your support for these bills and encourage them to contact Representative Romero and Senator Fraser.



Assembly Bill 565 was introduced by Representative Sheldon Wasserman.

Find out more information about the House in Wisconsin at http://www.legis.state.wi.us.


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