How do I cope?

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Posted by Tiffany on June 29, 19100 at 16:27:06:

I know that I message alot, but I do appreciate all of your support. I am not sure I can make it through another month. Tommorrow my husband turns 26... I know that the only thing he really wants is to be a father, but he won't say how hard this is on him. I am so crampy and tired and hungry all the time, and sometimes I even feel a little nauseated. Why does the body always want you to think that you are pregnant by giving you symptoms? It only makes things more difficult. I want to hope but I don't think I can handle my hopes being dashed another month. I am afraid that I am not going to make it through this cycle very well. Everyday I hope that I will feel a little bit different in hopes of thinking I may be pregnant. It seems that the days are dragging on and I am not sure if I can make to the next week. I have had such severe cramps since the two days after ovulation, and have been even more tired than I have in along time. I wish I could know the outcome... I wish that I knew what was to be... What agony it is. Am I overdramatic to even think that I could be? I am afraid to hope, everytime that I think I am, I'm devastated and have to face another month. How do I cope?

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