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Posted by Lauren C. on July 02, 19100 at 21:38:43:

In Reply to: For Lauren C. (msg reposted) posted by Nina on June 30, 19100 at 10:27:07:

: Hi Nina! I left a message with my therapist to see if see wants me to give her name out and I'm waiting for her response. As far as affording the treatments, our insurance covered blood work and ultrasounds, the rest was left to us. We spent all our money on treatments. And my parents actually gave us some money for an IVF cycle.
I did feel like I was at the end of my rope often. But since I did not have a high FSH, I stimulated very well, and we had good-looking embryos, I was determined to continue until the doctors told me otherwise. And we didn't even know if I could carry a baby to term, after having uterine surgery. As it turned out, I could not. My first pregnancy was a nightmare-the details would take too long to describe. The baby was born 4 weeks early by a semi-emergency C-section. The 2nd was born 11 weeks premature in a life-threatening emergency c-section, because I had an abruption (the placenta tore off the uterus). The baby spent about 3 months in intensive care. He's ok now. But since I was only around 30 years old when I started the whole IF thing, I just wouldn't stop trying. I believe that a lot of perseverance and a lot of luck (not to mention a lot of money) helps you to succeed in this IF battle. Whenever possible, do things that you like to do. And do things that will take your mind off the IF situation. I used to go where I knew there wouldn't be any children. I went to the gym as much as possible. Once in a while I would get a ticket at the last minute to a Broadway show and go by myself (my husband was not interested in going). I would try to play golf, preferably with women who had no children or whose children were much older, so I wouldn't have to be reminded of IF. On my off months I went to bars with my girlfriends and drank whatever I felt like.
Be good to yourself and do (or don't do) whatever is necessary for you to maintain your sanity, and to stay the course. Good luck to you. Lauren

Hello Lauren,

: You wrote such a beautiful reply to Sarah Jean, and i felt it really touched. I've been through a couple of IVFs and a frozen transfer, and am literally falling apart. Could you perhaps shed some light on the therapists you used (sorry i'd have written you directly but i don't see a link on your name)as well as how you could afford so many cycles?? I'm sure you also reached the end of your ropes at some point during those 5 yrs, and at this point i feel the same. I hope you can help.

: Nina

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