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Posted by on June 27, 19100 at 10:20:14:

In Reply to: I hope no one responds to fuel the media posted by Sue on June 27, 19100 at 09:35:04:

: : A major tv network is interested in running a segment on couples struggling with IF who have, at any stage, self medicated without the supervision of an MD as a result of no insurance coverage.

: : If you have and would be interested in learning more about this story, please email me directly. You can remain anon during this period of exploration.

: : email me at:
: : Thanks. Debi

: Unfortunately, this story will just add more sensationalism to the desperation that we have to go through... How many of us could even think to do this? The press is always looking to make more of an issue than is there. It would be in the best interests of all of us if this story doesn't run.

Although I understand where you're coming from - it would not necessarily be in our best interest if this didn't run. It was very unfortunate that Nancy Snyderman said what she did. However, there is more of this story to be told and more justice to be done to it. The segment which is being suggested now is being positioned to hear all sides in more time (twelve minutes versus three minutes of GMA.) Insurance companies will be asked to state their side, lobbyists fighting for mandated coverage will speak, drug companies will be asked to explain the significant differences in drug pricing in the UK v.s. US. Women DO take risks in the absence of insurance coverage (I have gotten several responses to this same post from other message boards.) The intention of this producer is not to show us as raving lunatics running around injecting ourselves BUT will point out that at some level this does happen and it's not safe.

I don't believe the segment I did added any sensationalism to the cause. Even though Nancy made some rather stupid comments - I believe I got some very valid points across during the taped portion of this piece. I also thought I brought some common day humanity to this issue. If you would have caught the re-run of this on Lifetime Live with Ellen Bender being interviewed afterwards I think you would have agreed it took on a completely different face.

Infertility stories in the media are getting old. Sometimes there needs to be a different angle brought into this to get people to pay attention (which is another reason why Celine's story was so great.) In my opinion - each time we get media exposure - even if it's not the exact way we'd want it - perhaps more people will listen, ask themselves questions, want to learn more, take a position (either, hopefully, for us or perhaps against us) ... but the issue is still being brought into the mainstream and many may realize this really could happen to "the girl next door", maybe there should be insurance coverage for this, maybe I should write my senator. Unfortunately - with no emotionalism in stories such as these - there is nothing to grip the public to make them WANT to speak up on our behalf.

As loud as the IF community's voices are ... they aren't loud enough to reach our goals on our own. We need to rally up those not affected by infertility as well to truly achieve what we desire.

Just my two cents.

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