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Posted by on June 28, 19100 at 01:15:15:

In Reply to: I think Linda and Sue don't seem to understand Debi's point posted by lisa on June 27, 19100 at 16:51:54:

: Ladies,

: Debi DID point out that you would remain anonymous if anyone self-medicating would speak out. you're both right that it is dangerous what those ladies are doing to themselves. It seems clear to me that Debi is NOT advocating women self-medicate, but out of desperation for lack of insurance coverage and the dream to have a child, these women feel they have no option but to choose to do something so dangerous. The media NEEDS to portray to IF and Non-IF community how devastating and expensive these experiences are, so we can finally get some attention in our states government and have mandates passed. A lot needs to be done to reach to the point of "Yes, we have coverage, and the money won't be coming from the second mortagages of couples' homes and the like". Please try to understand the real point Debi is trying to make.

: lisa

I certainly did understand Debi's point and her good intentions. My view does not have anything to do with an interview being done anonoymously or not. My point and opinion is that I do not believe publicizing that some women self medicate will help any cause. Women do self medicate, especially with Clomid. I just saw this within the last week at the misc.infertility boards: a woman that self medicated for two cycles with injectibles (doubling the amps for the second cycle) was successful and posting it on the boards, and was blasted for it. The illegal black market purchasing of drugs was already publicized. Now to announce to the world that women are not only buying drugs illegally, but using them illegally, without being under the care of a doctor, in the long run, could put a whole clamp on the black market, and many will suffer greatly if that happens as this is the only way so many can take on the financial burden of a cycle.

I am truly sorry that Debi feels that she must leave because of a difference of opinion, and I hope she changes her mind, because that is a true shame. However, we all have our opinions. That is what makes these boards wonderful, educational and helpful.


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