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Posted by on June 18, 19100 at 15:56:49:

In Reply to: Here we go again..I don't know if I can do this again.. posted by Leslie on June 18, 19100 at 15:03:11:

: Tomorrow is most probably going to be CD1. It seems to be coming a few days sooner than here we go again. I will probably be calling the RE's office tomorrow to jump back in to all of this stuff. I don't know that I want to do this. I think that I am just prolonging the inevitable. I am just going to be disappointed again and again. I am in such a bad mood and I am so angry that I have to go through this. Remind me again why I am putting myself through this again rather than giving up and moving to adoption. Leslie

Hi Leslie!

I don't know what CD1 is. I think it stands for cycle day 1. To start off a cycle with this negative attitude is not going to help. I don't want to sound mean or anything. Your chances of conceiving are as good as anyone else's. There are people who have been trying to conceive for so long and if they gave up, they wouldn't be parents. I know that everyone has their point when they just throw in the towel and say they've have enough. You are still so young. Last time that you cycled, you got a positive beta, that is greaaaat news. Usually they say when you get a positive beta, that that is a step in the right direction. THat in itself was a great accomplishment, keep that in mind. There are people who never get a positive beta. If financially able and emotional two things that weigh on the mind, I'd keep trying until I am successful, but that's me talking. One day when you become a mother you'll look back at all of this and will feel that it was all worth it. Good Luck. Please keep me updated about the progression. You said that the meeting was on the 21st, where is it in ROckland and what time is the meeting. I have my amnio on Tuesday and I don't know whether to try to stay busy or am I going to feel like doing much until the results are in. Write back to me and let me know.
Keep the faith LEslie!

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