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Posted by debi on June 14, 19100 at 16:05:44:

In Reply to: Very disheartened - question for Dr. Barad posted by Jen A on June 14, 19100 at 15:54:36:

: Dr. Barad,
: I'm on my 3rd IVF cycle. I have been on 6 days of stims (3 amps GonalF) with 10 units of Lupron. I had my first bw done today and my estradiol is only at 166. My RE's nurse called and said they would like to add 1 amp of Perganol, as this number is "a little low". I am going in tomorrow for more bw and an u/s.

: I am very concerned, as my first cycle of IVF had similar numbers and I ended up with only one embryo and a negative beta. (My 2nd cycle I was on 3GonalF/1Perganol - got 14 eggs, 3 embies, hyperstimulation, and positive beta. I m/c at 6 weeks.)

: My questions are:
: 1) Where should my estradiol level be after 6 days?
: 2) Is it possible that I am oversurpressed from the lupron? (I had very good results with IUI and 2 amps of GonalF)
: 3) Is it too late in this cycle to play catch up? And am I better off cancelling this cycle?

: Thanks so much for your time and advice. By the way, what is the waiting period to get in to see you? We may be ready for a second opinion real soon.

: Thanks.

Don't lose hope yet pleaseeee !!! Gonal F is a funny drug (in my experience.) I was on this my third IVF cycle as well (Fertinex for #1, Humegon for #2). Stimmed VERY fast on my Humegon cycle - my Gonal F cycle was SO sluggish I thought I'd never get there (I've heard of this happening to many others on Gonal F also.) I was on four amps/day and on day 6 my E2 was 255 - I thought it was doomed, my E2 then went nuts and I had retrieval four days later - 15 follicles and a +++ cycle. Stay positive :) The Pergonal will help get things rockin' and rollin' also. Debi

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