IUI and low counts

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IUI is much less effective with low counts. Try it for a few cycles but you are much more likely to achieve pregnancy with ICSI. Let me put it this way... for couples with sperm counts less than 10 million one cycle of ICSI (about $10,000 in New York) will give a much greater chance of pregnancy than the cumulative chance of around twenty cycles of IUI ($250 to 1000 in NY) or ten cycles of IUI with ovulation induction ($2 - 3000 in NY). You do the numbers... which is cheaper? Do you really want to go through that many cycles??

Couples with low counts should try IUI a few more times, try to use ovulation induction with the IUI if you can (especially if it is covered). If you are paying for expensive medicatio nout of pocket stop... consider saving your money and undergoing a more effective treatment.

Dr. Barad

: I had my first IUI 6-4-00 and now waiting to see if it worked. The sperm count on the specimen after wash was 4.9 million. Is this any good? If it didnt work this time, is it possible with counts that low? We have no coverage for IVF, so IUI is pretty much our only option. Thanks for all your advice.

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