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How long ago were your first cycles? The different response could be due to age, not new protocols.

There is a new medication in town, Antagon. It is not recomended by the manufacturer for poor responders, but still it may be found to have some benefit. Antagon is similar to Lupron, except that it has no flare effect. It is started late in your cycle after you have had a chance to respond to your ovulation induction. Its effect is to protect you from ovulating on your own.

Your interests and those of your center are the same, both of you want your cycle to be a success. Only a successful cycle will protect their statistics and achieve your goal. They have no reason to advise you to use a protocol that don't don't believe is most likely to lead to that success.

Talk to your doctor, tell him/her of your concerns. Listen to what they say. If you really don't like the answers, consider getting a second opinion.

Good luck.

Dr. Barad

: I have had 5 IVFs tries. I am 37 years old, No tubes.

: 1st IVF - short protocol, day 2 start 6 eggs, all 6 fertilised with ICSI - CLINICAL POSITIVE, No Sac.

: 2nd IVF - long protocol, day 3 start, 5 excellent quality eggs, all 5 fertilised with ICSI. 4 eight cell embroys, and 1 seven cell embryo. Embryos were of a very good quality. Result Ectopic pregancy, ecellent HCG levels.

: 3rd IVF - long protocol. No response to stimulation, Cancelled cycle

: 4th IVF - short protocol - 4 eggs, ICSI, all 4 fertilised, one 8 cell, one seven, one 6 and one 4 cell respectively. Result NEGATIVE

: 5th IVF - short protocol - 6 eggs, ICSI, all fertilised, one 8 cell, one seven, two 6 and one 4 cells

: Do you recommend I go back to the long protocol ? Because that did result in the best quality embryos and an ectopic preganncy... even though the next cycle was a cancelled cycle.

: My doctor is reluctant. I think its because they dont want a failed cycle and it affects their statistics

: My endometrium lining is good (have had a saline ultrasound, but no invasive investigation inside the uterus)

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