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Posted by Hibiscus on June 07, 19100 at 10:16:12:

I have had 5 IVFs tries. I am 37 years old, No tubes.

1st IVF - short protocol, day 2 start 6 eggs, all 6 fertilised with ICSI - CLINICAL POSITIVE, No Sac.

2nd IVF - long protocol, day 3 start, 5 excellent quality eggs, all 5 fertilised with ICSI. 4 eight cell embroys, and 1 seven cell embryo. Embryos were of a very good quality. Result Ectopic pregancy, ecellent HCG levels.

3rd IVF - long protocol. No response to stimulation, Cancelled cycle

4th IVF - short protocol - 4 eggs, ICSI, all 4 fertilised, one 8 cell, one seven, one 6 and one 4 cell respectively. Result NEGATIVE

5th IVF - short protocol - 6 eggs, ICSI, all fertilised, one 8 cell, one seven, two 6 and one 4 cells

Do you recommend I go back to the long protocol ? Because that did result in the best quality embryos and an ectopic preganncy... even though the next cycle was a cancelled cycle.

My doctor is reluctant. I think its because they dont want a failed cycle and it affects their statistics

My endometrium lining is good (have had a saline ultrasound, but no invasive investigation inside the uterus)

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