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Posted by Theresa on June 06, 19100 at 11:38:22:

In Reply to: Cheryl Tiegs, for Drs posted by Madam on June 05, 19100 at 16:52:35:

I also read this story with interest and wondered whether it was possible that she used her own eggs. This has obviously touched a very raw nerve in the IF community. I agree that she is entitled to her privacy, and how do any of us explain such a decision to people who have never experienced IF. The problem for celebrities -- like poor Celine Dion having her IVF treatment reported like its news -- is that the media invade their privacy continually. However, I do take umbrage when someone like Wendy Wasserstein writes about the experience of infertility and having a child at 48 using donor sperm (in the New Yorker), making it sound like she used her own eggs which I think is highly unlikely. If someone chooses to go public and write a first person piece I think they should go the whole way. I have plenty of friends who aren't experiencing IF who think they can still have children in their 40s cos of stories like this. But, the problem for all of us that much of infertility is an all too-often silent and misunderstood by the general public. This is true to the nth degree with donor egg. I guess for me it depends on where the story comes from -- if it's her pr then I'm annoyed at her, if it's an entertainment journalist then I'm annoyed for her.


: Cheryl Tiegs has been in the media claiming that at age 52 her own eggs were fertilized with her husband's sperm and now a surrogate is carrying her twins. She does not say if she used FET but that she had been ttc for a year, I guess starting at age 50, and now twins are expected. I've never heard of anyone at 52 using their own eggs for ivf and resulting in a pregnancy. I've never heard of a dr. who would even attempt IVF at age 52 with someone's own eggs. I would imagine such a doctor would have women dropping out of parachutes to be treated.
: Has an IVF pregnancy every been acheived using 52 year old eggs?
: We've all heard about the 54 year old grandma with triplets but she had eight kids before, this is different.
: Thanks for all responses.

: Madam

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