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Posted by Paula on May 25, 19100 at 14:06:25:

In Reply to: No sperm posted by Rose on May 24, 19100 at 15:31:07:

: Hi everyone,

: My story is as follows:

: Married at 20 got pregnant after couple of months gave birth to girl unfortunately our child had major abnomalities and lived only 9 months. 2 years later I was still not pregnant and went to RE was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and taking synthroid. Ovulation not normal took clomids responded beautifully.After a few months, we did 3 post coital tests and we were shocked! There was no sperm found at all. dh was found to have a large vericoceole and surgery was preformed, we had to wait 6 months and we had a post coital with still no sperm! .We are going for a semen analasis next week and I am soooo nervous. My question is: we did have a child naturally with no intervention can sperm change so drastically? What if no sperm is found? The uncertainty is driving me nuts. If you heard of similar situation please reply.
: Thank you

: Rose

My husband had two children who are now 10 and 12 and I had one child who is now 9 ( both from previous marriages). About 2 years ago we began infertility testing and his sperm sample came back slightly low with a very minor small varicocele which did not require surgery.
After two more years we began again just this year to begin with the treatments ( we had some things happen in those two years which caused us to put off the treatment.
Three months ago, we did the who work up again and this time, he was told that he was AZO- NO sperm could be found. We had a very highly respected urologist and he told us that this is not an infrequent happening and there is no cause for it. We then were offerred the option of testicular biopsy with retrival in hopes that the was sperm and then we would do IVF.
Unfortunately, he now has some other health concerns and we are forced to post pone again until he is in better condition (not at all related to his low sperm/no sperm count).
Have faith-get a good doctor and hope for the best. Please keep us posted- paula

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