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Posted by on May 12, 19100 at 17:39:41:

In Reply to: Laporoscopies posted by Dorrie on May 12, 19100 at 10:43:55:

: Can anyone tell me if there is a particular part of the cycle that laps are done in? Is it a long or painful proceedure. Do I need to take off of work?
: Dorrie

Hi Dorrie,

I've had four laps - three of them for completely different reasons and my recovery was always pretty much the same. The procedure itself lasts for 45 min to a couple of hours depending on the purpose of the lap. The anesthesia being used these days is wonderful (as far as anesthesia goes) and is quite easy to come out of compared to some I've had years ago. You spend approx. an hour or so in recovery and then go home. For me the very worst part of it all is the gas working its way out of my system ... it goes out through the shoulders and this can be a bit uncomfortable. I usually take the next couple of days off from work OR schedule it on a Thursday and by Monday I'm totally fine. I did go to a Yankees game the day after one of my laps though and really felt well enough to do so. It's really a wonderful procedure and such an invaluable diagnostic tool. I wish you all the best should you end up having one.

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