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Posted by Emily on May 12, 19100 at 11:15:19:

In Reply to: Laporoscopies posted by Dorrie on May 12, 19100 at 10:43:55:

Dorrie, do you mean your menstrual cycle or an IVF
cycle? I assume you mean menstrual. My understanding
is that most doctors prefer to do them in the first
week or 2 after your period.

The length of the procedure may depend on what therapeutic
measures need to be done during the lap--excising endometriosis,
removing a cyst, etc. Generally it seems to be about
2 hours. Since it is a procedure done under general
anesthesia, you will need some time off work to recover
and get back to normal. People are different in how
much time they need--a few days (maybe doing lap on
a Wednesday and going back to work Monday) to 2
weeks, depending on their job, their surgery, their
own ability to work with discomfort.

The actual procedure is not painful because you are
unconscious. Afterwards, pain may be caused by the
work that was done inside, the incisions (which are
small), and shoulder pain from the CO2 used in the
operation--this isn't harmful, but it may irritate.
SOme people will have genuine stories of more painful
laps, others will tell you it was uncomfortable for
a few days but not a big deal.

: Can anyone tell me if there is a particular part of the cycle that laps are done in? Is it a long or painful proceedure. Do I need to take off of work?
: Dorrie

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