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Posted by Jessica R. Brown, MD on May 04, 19100 at 21:10:58:

In Reply to: A question for doctors about cystic ovary posted by POC on May 04, 19100 at 07:44:03:

Dear "POC": "Much pain" could be a cause for immediate concern, so you MUST let your doctor know if you are in pain because rarely a cyst could cause the ovary to twist (torsion) and if not promptly diagnosed this can cause you to become severely ill and possibly lose the ovary. (If the ovary is twisted it can cut off the blood supply and literally strangle the ovary to "death". ) I'm not trying to panic you, but since you're expressing concern I want to be sure you're being properly cared for. Another potentially serious complication of cysts is that they may rupture or bleed, and this may also be a surgical emergency. Of course many cysts cause some pain simply by pressing on your other internal organs. The term "cystic ovaries" can be confusing: Did you have functional cysts (related to normal ovulation)? OR do you have "polycystic ovaries" which can be related to NOT ovulating (and therefore can cause infertility!) Good luck!

: I've had a cyst in L-ovary for the last three months and offcourse I am experiencing much pain vaginally and in my lower back. I had cystic ovaries a few years ago and my gyn put me on contraceptives and in 6 months the condition was corrected. We have been trying to conceive for over two years (a case of male infertility) now and I would like to know if there is anything that can be done in terms of the discomfort and how this affects my fertility.
: Thanks.

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