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Posted by on April 14, 19100 at 07:22:05:

In Reply to: Re: Leslie.... posted by Lauren on April 13, 19100 at 21:54:39:

: Hi Leslie...I wish I knew WHAT they were going to do. The best answer that I get is "lets hope this will bring your #'s down". It's so crazy, because they are just hovering at around 90. Because I mc'ed so early, they were never fully able to discern whether it was ectopic or uterine. I personally think that's why they've resisted doing either a D&C or a lap...I don't think they know exactly what to do?!?! I'm just praying this works, because I'm running out of physical and emotional steam with all this.

: Anyway, on a lighter note...I THINK that the CT meeting is scheduled on May 23....I hope you can come, I'd love to meet you in person!!!!!!!Lots of love, Lauren S.

Hi Lauren!

You know, I was asking myself the same question about a D&C or lap. It must be so draining to have something like this hover. I would think by now that this would be over for you. Does it make any sense at this point to see someone else or do you trust your doctors enough.IT must be hard to get on with your life. What bothers me is that the numbers are so low you would think they would have gone down by now. I know that this must be extremely frustrating but hang in there, this can't go on forever.

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