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Posted by Larry Grunfeld, MD on August 07, 19100 at 21:13:47:

In Reply to: Reposted Question for Doctor.. posted by Leslie on August 07, 19100 at 15:09:33:

Borderline FSH elevations are frustrating. Nevertheless, 30 year old women with borderline FSH elevations are treated aggressively. This includes good OI/IUI and may include IVF.
I wonder what makes the doctor think you have PCOS. One of the hallmarks of PCOS is a high responsiveness to gonadotropins and a high LH/FSH ratio. It appears that you have neither of these features.

Speak to your RE about what form of OI/IUI would be best for you. It sounds as if you should try a more aggressive stimulation if you are not a good responder. While IVF may increase your odds of pregnancy, OI/IUI is still a viable option.

Larry Grunfeld, MD

: I am 30 years and 3 months old. I have endometriosis and PCOS. I have tried 2 clomid/IUI cycles and 1 pergonal/IUI cycle that resulted
: in a chemical pregnancy. Here is my dilema

: My FSH tends to be on the high side my RE says from my endometriosis. The cut off at my clinic is a 9. I have had FSH's of 9.7 and 9
: where I responded just OK to clomid and pergonal. After my chemical pregnancy, I came back to do another pergonal/IUI cycle and my
: FSH was 10.4. My RE put me on bcp's for 42 days. I went back yesterday to start my cycle, and my FSH actually went up. It was a 12.
: NOW she wants me to change the pill I was on and do this for ANOTHER 42 days!! The nurse said that the pill just didn't supress me.

: IVF isn't going to be an option for me. My RE is pushing for IVF. I am currently taking metformin and my RE was going to have me take
: dexamethasone with my next cycle. I am supposed to make another appointment with my RE to discuss the "next step". As far as I am
: concerned, I am not sure that I want there to be a "next step." What are my chances anyway? And isn't IVF really not a good idea to do
: anyway when a person has an elevated FSH? How would you treat someone with this problem? Thanks. Leslie

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