Re: Doctor Please. Difference Between PCOS and PCOD?

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Posted by Pat Johnston on July 06, 19100 at 15:11:42:

In Reply to: Doctor Please. Difference Between PCOS and PCOD? posted by Tera on July 06, 19100 at 13:47:29:

PCOS and PCOD and Stein-Leventhal Syndrome are all names for the same collection of symptoms and signs. Women who have PCOS (characterized visually by cysts on the ovaries in a "string of pearls" configuration seen on laparoscopy) may experience ALL or just SOME of the symptoms, which include menstrual irregularities which may or may not produce fertility problems, hyperandrogenism (too much male hormone) and resulting problems with hair (over hairiness on face and chest to male-pattern "balding")) and skin problems like skin tags and acne, weight problems related to insulin resistance (which can develop into type 2 diabetes.) Women with this condition frequently are also infertile, but far from always. They are at icnreased risk over time for hear problems and high blood pressure, are at higher risk for some forms of cancer. PCOS is a genetic condition with life-long consequences and it does NOT go away with menopause or hysterectomy/oophrectomy. We are learning more and more about it and there are more and more treatment options dealing with the symptoms. Dr.Sam Thatcher has written a new book, PCOS: The Hidden Epidemic, which we at Perspectives Press are publishing. It is now being typeset and should be printed and bound in about six weeks. You can learn more about that book by using the link below.


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