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Posted by on March 07, 19100 at 19:00:44:

In Reply to: pcos vs. hypothyroidism posted by Amanda Lei on March 06, 19100 at 18:30:08:

: What is the difference between hypothyroidism and pcos? I go to an army dr., and often they have dismissed me without telling me what is wrong. Lately, I have been doing research to try and help them help me. I have increased acne, esp. on the jaw, chin, and chest and back. I have a big patch of black hair just under the left portion of my chin, and am ballooning without overeating (too often...)Since marriage, I have gained about 40lbs. (8 mo.) I cannot sleep at night. I have had my period 2 times since I got married (at which time i went off the pill) which was July. The dr. keeps saying that in time it will all fix itself. But come on...8 mo? Before I went on the pill, I had very heavy, chunky flow that was pretty irregular...usually once every 2 or 3 mo. for about 9-12 days. Could I possibly have PCOS? Should I bring my concerns to my Dr.? Sorry this is so long...but...
: thanks a lot!

I agree with you. You should have a full workup to determine the cause of why you are not getting your period regularly. You could clearly have PCOS, but there are other abnormalities that she be checked including your thyroid and pituitary gland. Ask your doctor to pursue this with you. Good luck

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