pcos vs. hypothyroidism

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Posted by on March 06, 19100 at 18:30:08:

What is the difference between hypothyroidism and pcos? I go to an army dr., and often they have dismissed me without telling me what is wrong. Lately, I have been doing research to try and help them help me. I have increased acne, esp. on the jaw, chin, and chest and back. I have a big patch of black hair just under the left portion of my chin, and am ballooning without overeating (too often...)Since marriage, I have gained about 40lbs. (8 mo.) I cannot sleep at night. I have had my period 2 times since I got married (at which time i went off the pill) which was July. The dr. keeps saying that in time it will all fix itself. But come on...8 mo? Before I went on the pill, I had very heavy, chunky flow that was pretty irregular...usually once every 2 or 3 mo. for about 9-12 days. Could I possibly have PCOS? Should I bring my concerns to my Dr.? Sorry this is so long...but...
thanks a lot!

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