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Posted by on May 09, 19100 at 07:08:38:

In Reply to: Is it PCOS? posted by Marcie Garbs on May 05, 19100 at 22:59:29:

: I'm 19 so I'm not really interested in having a baby right now, but having a period once in a while would be nice, just so I know I can actualy have kids. I started menstrating early, when I was about 9 or 10. I was incredibly regular until I was about 16. All of a sudden I just stoped having a period. I had always been big, but that summer a gained almost 50lbs. I now weigh 250. A year later I noticed that I was growing what strongly resembed a beard. Now I can grow a thicker set of wiskers than most guys my age. The last GYN I saw told me not to "concern" myself, that I had no problem that he could see. That was 2 years ago, since then I've had 4 periods. All of them lasted about 4 days and were really strong. So am I just scareing myself or what?

No you are not scaring yourself. Your symptoms are important to recognize, evaluate and treat. You deservfe a full evaluation and treatment of your symptoms and you should see your doctor about this. It is important to have periods more often than you describe as constant exposurte to estrogens as may be happening in your situation can lead to hyperplasia (overdevelopment) of the endometrium. Weight gain is commonly associated with these symptoms. Good luck, but seek treatment.

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