update-"ever felt movements"

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Posted by on April 05, 19100 at 01:07:23:

Thank you Dr Stein for answering my post. After posting the message I became more worried about my health, since my period only lasted 2 days on a Provera induced cycle. Also, my ovaries felt as if they were hyperstimulated. My OBGYN felt no abnormalities, and ordered blood work and a sono. Today I went for the sono, and that was normal as well. I should be getting a call tomorrow on the blood results. I expect they will be normal also. I still do not know what caused the movements. I have had feelings like it before, but they only lasted a second or two. That night it went on for a half hour, and I could see the movements. Could it at all be physically possible to cause my tummy to move that way? The reason I ask is that I do have a overwhelming desire to be able to get pregnant on my own, without initro. Maybe I wanted to be pregnant so badly, that I was able to palpitate my inners in a way that made it feel like there was a baby moving? If so, I'm scared! I guess I should just blow that incident off, unless it happens again. I would sure like to know others have felt this. Well, thanks again for your time, Sharon

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