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Posted by on June 29, 19100 at 00:51:13:

In Reply to: You can disagree without being immature about it..Ms or Mr. Nameless posted by Leslie on June 28, 19100 at 20:02:40:

: I want a baby more than anything. But you know...I agree that just like we see others as taking their healthy bodies for granted, we often take our freedoms for granted. When I was in a really bad state of mind and all of my friends were pregnant and were constantly complaining about something, I swore that I would NEVER complain no matter what. You know what. I have never been pregnant. I have never had a little child. You know what, I really like my sleep. I can't even determine if I am a morning person or a night person because I like to go to bed early and I like to sleep late. I could crash anywhere, anytime and stay there for 8 hours straight. If I ever have a baby...MAN...I am going to have to deal without my sleep! Will I complain? Will I care? I don't know. We will see when we get there... I don't think that this post was meant to be cruel. AND, she is correct...even though infertility sucks beyond all belief, I can be thankful for all of the sleep that I am able to get!

: That is just my opinion. You have the right to disagree. You have the right to disagree with the person who originally posted the message...BUT..the one thing that I am getting a little sick of seeing around here is people lashing out at others and putting out accusations and putting people down. AND I just LOVE it when the person wont even say what there name is. Just my two sense. We can disagree and we can state our beliefs, but if we want to be mothers..LET'S BE ADULTS!!
: Leslie

I totally agree with your post. The original poster took time from her busy schedule to remember the women that were still here, and just tried to show that everyone should be thankful for what they do have. We all seem to lose sight of that sometimes. I personally think it was a very caring post, and words were chosen very carefully and with a lot of thought. I also agree regarding the maturity and if someone is not proud of their words, it shows when they won't even sign their name to it.


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