I've heard of rescue ICSI done the day after fertilisation.

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Posted by Theresa on June 28, 19100 at 12:36:45:

In Reply to: Q.for dr. & others - ICSI posted by mjl on June 28, 19100 at 07:50:51:

Which is done on the eggs that have not been fertilised naturally, and hopefully increases the number of embryos. But if you had it done on day of retrieval it sounds like regular ICSI which has been used for several years and usually increases success rates and I've not heard of any damaging side effects. The only concern I would have is if you don't have faith in the skill of the embryologist, which is very important with ICSI (and this is more to do with the procedure not working than miscarriage or birth defects). I would encourage you not to abandon yr transfer, but you should talk to yr dr about yr concerns. And you might want to post on inciid IVF board asking the drs there, if none of drs here have replied in time. (I had ICSI done on my eggs and got 100% fertilization so I was very happy they did it).

Good luck with everything.

: Just had a retrieval and had to have emergency ICSI - totally unfamiliar with process - Does anyone know if pg rates are lower w?ICSI - what about miscarriage and birth defects. We are considering not doing transfer because ICSI was done to fertilize- are our fears unfounded

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