Strict (Kruger) morphology

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Posted by Larry Grunfeld, MD on June 28, 19100 at 07:45:30:

In Reply to: ? for Dr. posted by Carol on June 24, 19100 at 08:54:09:

The question of sperm morphology as the sole cause for infertility comes up commonly. It is very important to exclude other sources of infertility before confirming this.

Patients with very low morphology often fertilize poorly in IVF, unless ICSI is performed. Kruger morphology is very laboratory dependant and varies in reliability. Acccording to the original paper 14% is the normal morpology.
In most IVF labs ICSI is not routinely performed unless the Kruger is less than 4%. The intermediate (4-14%) is usually associated with normal fertilization. WHO morphology is less reliable unless very low.
The important thing is that each lab must decide upon its own normal level.
Larry Grunfeld, MD

: My husband's sperm analysis results show 65% WHO morphology and 4% Kruger. His count has been in the 60m range meaning he would have less than 3m sperm with normal strict morphology.
: 1. Is 4% strict morphology with his low count a problem? If male factor is our only issue would IUI be a viable option?
: 2. What is the significance of the Kruger analysis? 3. Why do some labs only use the WHO criteria?

: Thank you very much!!!

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