Re: Jen A., et al - my favorite IVF story (babies ment.)

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Posted by debra on June 20, 19100 at 17:34:25:

In Reply to: Jen A., et al - my favorite IVF story (babies ment.) posted by debi on June 20, 19100 at 14:30:59:

: Jen,
: So thrilled to know you're still in the game. I thought you'd enjoy reading this story ... moral of the story is ... it's not over til the fat lady sings ..

: A friend of mine, who I actually met on this board a couple years ago, at age 30 was told by one of the "Top 3" NY programs she had no option but donor eggs or adoption - she had been going through treatment for a couple of years there, had one high FSH prior to her first IVF and was told she should give up having a biological child. It was her post with regards to this news that I answered on this board - needless to say she was devastated.

: It took me some time but I finally persuaded her to seek a second opinion from the clinic I was going to. I just couldn't believe these were her only choices. She got a second opinion and began her first IVF cycle. She was a very poor responder her first time out, ended up with something like four follicles, poor fertilazation, etc. - didn't work. For her second cycle her protocol was changed to Gonal F/Pergonal combo. Things were looking rather grim for quite a while as it took an eternity to stim her and it looked like this cycle was closely resembling her first. Her last u/s showed (maybe) 5 follicles. She went in for retrieval, there were 5 more 'hiding', she ended up with eight for fertilazation ... here's the fun part ... ALL eight fertilized, ALL eight were Grade 1, eight cell embryos ... six perfect blasts were put into the freezer (this was one of the most amazing cycles the lab had ever seen) - two embryos were transfered ... her twin sons will be celebrating their first birthday next month.

: FYI Jen - your cycle is sounding a heck of alot better than hers did. AND can you imagine - a little over two years ago she was encouraged to throw the towel in ... mid point in her second cycle she was thinking maybe this was the advice she should have followed - thank GOD she didn't.

: SO ... my fingers will remain crossed and don't you dare give up hope :)

: xo Debi

Dear Debbie:
here's another great true story!
A dear friend of mine had been trying for 5 years, since she was 35. She had multiple tests, laps, IUI"s, 4 failed IVF"s and had been told by RE"s in NYC that she simply did not have any good eggs left. Her 5th IVF at St. Barnabus was a winner and she gave bith to a son at 40. Now at 42, she decided she would give it one more shot and close the door for good if it didn't work. Guess who is having twins????? By the way, I also had my son at 40 after multiple m/c, and as you said-it only takes one good egg! Hang in there and do everything that you can do to be in a healthy pre-conception state, especially taking care of your inner self.
Best wishes!!

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