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Posted by Larry Grunfeld, MD on June 20, 19100 at 16:42:00:

In Reply to: Q re: Clomid--Need help posted by Chrystal Bell on June 19, 19100 at 12:32:27:

It is important to monitor your ovulation in a facility that can give you daily access to measuring your ovary. If you do not bleed after provera you should not start Clomid without a baseline blood test. One of the possibilities includes pregnancy and shoud be excluded. Secondly, I recommed follicle sonography rather than the ovulation predictors. The kits can have false positives due to elevated LH levels in anovulatory women. If your general gynecologist can't provide you with this service you may be better off in the hands of a reproductive endocrinologist.

Larry Grunfeld, MD

: OK, I'm into a treatment for anovulation. I was given Provera for 5 days. On the third day after Provera, I started Clomid for 5 days. First of all, I didn't have a period after the Clomid. Is this unusual? Secondly, I was told to wait until after taking the clomid to start making a baby. Approx. when after you take the last Clomid pill should you ovulate? (I have enough Ovulation detection kits to last me for 10 days after the last pill.)

: Please help--today is day one of the Clomid and I'm still confused. (Dr.'s office is NO help, by the way!)

: Will my not having had a period affect my ability to carry a baby should I conceive?

: When should I ovulate?

: THANK YOU so much for your help!
: Chrystal

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