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Posted by Larry Grunfeld, MD on June 18, 19100 at 07:25:16:

In Reply to: Assisted Hatching - question for Dr.'s.... posted by Andy on June 17, 19100 at 12:02:45:

Assisted hatching was developed by Dr. Jacques Cohen of St. Barnabas (when he was at Cornell). It is just one of many laboratory procedures that improve implantation rates. It is probably most useful in women over 40, but if done properly, can be helpful in embryos that have cell fragmentation. Since your embryos do not develop well to the blastocyst stage, keeping them in prolonged culture may not be best. Day 5 embryo transfer is performed selectively and is primarily a way for reducing multiple pregnancy rates, not to improve implantation rates.

Larry Grunfeld, MD

: Hi,
: I'm starting my 2nd IVF/ICSI cycle - the first was not successful. My doctor has recommended assisted hatching on day 3 but transfer on day 5. I've tried searching on Medline and can't find any studies which use this method.
: Do you have any comments on this approach? I am 39, and produced 16 eggs last time, but only 2 made it to blastocyst stage, and neither implanted despite assisted hatching moments before transfer.
: Thank you so much...its all so confusing!!

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