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Posted by on June 13, 19100 at 06:33:29:

In Reply to: Question for Dr. Barad - protocol for poor responders posted by Theresa on June 12, 19100 at 10:44:23:

Hi Theresa,

The doctors at Cornell are experienced in all types of ovulation induction. I'm not unenthusiastic about the flair protocol, I think it has it's place. My discusion was more centered on what I thought the role of Antagon would be.

I don't reallly like the term "poor responder" it kind of transfers blame to the patients. Unfortunately there are no tools available that can make all women produce lots of eggs. Believe me, this situation is frustrating for doctors as well.

Four embryos and a chemical pregnancy is a good start. The flair protocol is a good approach. You are being cared for by a high quality team.

Good luck on your next cycle.

Dr. Barad

: Hi Dr. Barad,

: You kindly answered a question below about success rates and protocols for poor responders. You sounded ambivalent about flare protocol, and I would like to ask you what other protocols you would consider?

: I turned 40 in May, have low FSH and 105 E2 on day 3, had chem pg with first IVF cycle on down reg protocol. I had 4 eggs from 5 follicles, 4 fertilised and 4 transferred. The embryo were grade 2. I'm gearing up for next IVF cycle, doing co-culture, and flare protocol with 8 amps of Gonal-F. I'm at Cornell and generally very happy with medical treatment, but really want to get more follicles this time, and want to make sure I've weighed everything up. I also realise that every cycle can produce a different response, independent of changes in protocols.

: So, I guess I'm asking the million dollar question for the over 40 crowd -- what are the other ways to increase my follicular response?

: Thanks again
: Theresa

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