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Unexplained infertility is...unexplained. It sounds like you have had the tests done to merit the diagnosis. Clomid by itself has limited power to help a woman who normally ovulates increase her fertility. Are you seeing an RE?? If you are they are being more cautious than many REs that I know. Not a bad thing to be cautious but with two years of TTC and six months of clomiphene treatment it was time for something new.

I would repeat your hsubands semen analysis to be sure. You should have your records Op report and HSG films reviewed by a second opinion.

Good luck.

Dr. Barad

: I am 26, with unexplained infertility. All hormones appear normal, ( the ones they have checked, Tsh, T4, testosterone) normal lap, normal hsg. Dh had normal semen analysis after 2nd try. The first one they said was great but all were dead!!! Absolute zero motility, they thought the lab may have screwed up so we repeated and got a normal one. ( does that happen often?) I am on 6th cycle of clomid and am to have my first iui this month. I am wondering what my chances are to conceive. I know it varies depending on the dx of the patient but I don't really have a dx. I did get pg last year (miscarried 4-26-99) due to blighted ovum. Also, I have a friend who was unexplained and did 10 iui's!!!!!! then she got pg miscarried and did 1 iui and is now 12 weeks pregnant. She has endo though. Are my chances better than her's? And on average how many times should one try before doing something else. I know I'm young and have "plenty of time" but have been ttc for 2 years and am getting mentally worn out.
: Thank you, and I apologize for this being so long.
: Heidi

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