Dr. Barad please

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Posted by on June 11, 19100 at 12:13:33:

In advance, thank you for reading and answering my question:

I am 38, trying to get pregnant for about a year. According to the home ovulation kits, I appear to ovulate every month right on schedule. I have not begun IUI or IVF yet - just starting the evlauation process. As part of that, I had an HSG last month which showed that my tubes are open but that my Uterus was T-shaped due to DES exposure in-utero. My question is the following: is it possible that the HSG might have effected my period directly or indirectly? I had been having hugely painful and extraordinarily heavy periods (every 28 days) for about two years. However, this month, following my HSG, my period was totally normal - back to what it used to be (far less painful cramping and significantly less flow). Any thoughts? Could there be any connection and could it mean anything?

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