Dr. Barad What are yr other suggestions for poor responders?

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Posted by Theresa on June 10, 19100 at 14:13:04:

In Reply to: Re: Q for Dr. Barad re success rates with flare protocol posted by David Barad, MD on June 10, 19100 at 11:57:12:

Hi Dr. Barad,

Thanks for that answer but it sounds somewhat ambivalent regarding flare as a successful protocol for poor responders such as myself. What are the other protocols that you would recommend or even consider?

As I mentioned, I turned 40 last month, have low FSH but 105 E2 on day 3. With first IVF cycle, did down reg with G amps of Gonal F and got 4 eggs from 5 follicles. Now going to co-flare protocol with microdose lupron and 8 amps of Gonal F. I really want to improve the # of follicles as had good embryo quality so that is the area for most improvement. My dr feels I don't need to add LH cos embryo quality was good, but I am doing co-culture in a 'let's do everything sort of way.'

I'm at Cornell and generally very happy with medical care but feel I want to make sure I've weighed up the medical protocols carefully before settling on this one. And I realise there is an element of crapshoot as with each cycle you can get a different response independent of the medication.

Thanks again.


: Theresa,

: I think that you understand where the data is coming from. You can only use the suppression protocol on the most favorable responders, hence the high success rates.

: A flair is one choice for poor responders, sometimes it seems to make a difference.

: Good Luck.

: Dr. Barad

: : I always hear that down reg has best success rates etc. I just had chem pg on that protocol and am going to be on flare protocol with 8 amps of Gonal F for next IVF try. Would the fact that flare is used on poor responders explain lower overall success rates?? I had a pretty good cycle except few follicles --- 4 retrieved, 4 fertilised and 4 transferred (grade 2 embies). So, if I get a better follicular response with flare, would I have a better overall chance even though I'm going to be on a protocol that statisically is less successful?? I'm 40, with high E2.


: : Thanks for you help with all our questions - I always enjoy reading your posts.

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