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Posted by Deedee on June 10, 19100 at 09:16:24:

In Reply to: Re: Question for Dr. Barad - Expiration dates on Gonal-F posted by David Barad, MD on June 10, 19100 at 07:42:21:

I have left over Gonal F, should I put them in the fridge? It's been out for 2 mo. though, in the shade. I'm hoping to save vials for next IVF which I will then use


: Jen,

: The Medical Letter looked at the question of drug expiration dates in 1996 (Drugs past their expiration date: Are they safe and effective? Med Lett 1996; 38: 65-66) In general the expiration date is the date after which the drug can't be sold. Usually pharmaceuticals will have most of their potency well after the expiration date. This makes sense since we understand that loss of potency of any drug will not occur overnight. If a drug is 100% potent on April 30, 2000, it must be at least 99% potent on May 1. This is presuming that the seal on the ampule wa not broken and that the drug was stored under proper conditions. The Medical Letter said that most pharmaceuticals will retain 70 to 80% of their potency for 1 to 2 years after the expiration date.

: The price was right. The medication is most likely good. Use it.

: Good Luck with your cycle.

: Dr. Barad

: : Just a quick question. My RE gave me some left over Gonal-F from a patient who recently got pregnant. This is very kind, as my insurance does not cover infertility. However, 5 of the ampules show an expiration date of 4/2000. I did not notice this until I got home.

: : I called the nurse today to ask her about this and she told me I "should take them". Usually an expiration date means something, and I am concerned. Could they have lost some potency?

: : What would you advise - use them or discard them? Thanks in advance for your help.

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