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Antagon is not indicated or marketed for treatment of poor responders. This is because poor responders wre excluded from the Antagon trial studies, and so couldn't be included in the FDA approved indications. Poor responders have not yet been studied. We do not know yet if antagon will one day be recomended as part of a por responder protocol.

Antagons only role inovulatin induction is to block the endogenous LH surge and keep you from ovulating prematurely. Antagon is started late in the ovulation induction cycle so it doesn't aid in production of eggs. On the other hand many have suspected that in some cases Lupron is holding back egg development. Sort of like stepping on the accelerateo and brake at the same time. Antagon use is started when it is a natural time for the brake to be applied, close to the time of ovulation.

The message is that Amtagon may or may not be useful for poor responders. There are hypothetical reasond to believe that it may be useful in this group. At this time we don't know. In the absence of knowledge Antagon can't be endorsed for use in poor responders. You should know that if you are a poor responder and intend to use use Antagon you are participating in an experiment to see if it does have a role.

Dr. Barad

: Why is Antagon not recommended for low responders ? Whats are the benefits of Antagon ?

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