Was fact sheet written by drug companies???

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Posted by Lisa on June 08, 19100 at 22:06:10:

In Reply to: New Fact Sheet From AIA!!!! posted by Pamela Madsen on June 08, 19100 at 07:16:29:

I read the fact sheet on buying infertility meds and it sounds like a plug from the American drug companies. Due to my lack of insurance coverage, if not for my "creative" drug buying, I could not have afforded the drugs.
I have bought drugs from numerous sources, both pharmacies on the AIA list, as well as other women and overseas. I had to resort to the two latter sources, as it afforded me the chance to continue.
I have been fortunate to have met a few great women who were kind enough to share their unused drugs with me, either at no cost or their low insurance co-payment. I also took a trip to Mexico to buy Pergonal at a small fraction of the cost here and the drugs worked just fine. I got the ok from my RE, who is with one of the "big" three centers. Sure enough, I did great on these foreign drugs, actually better than I did from the drugs I purchased at full price in New York,(the cycle worked).
I think it is important to use common sense when buying drugs from unauthorized sources. If it is from another woman, be sure to find out where she got the meds, how she stored them, etc. If using a foreign pharmacy, go with one of the big name companies. I went directly to a Wal-Mart pharmacy in Mexico and hand carried the drugs home.
I'm not advocating illegal drug sales, but if this is a way to afford persuing our dreams of pregnancy, then I am all for doing what we need to do. Perhaps if more women did this, the drug companies would get the message and lower their prices!

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