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Posted by Larry Grunfeld, MD on June 05, 19100 at 16:10:29:

In Reply to: Ques 4 DR: re: progesterone suppositories posted by Tricia on June 05, 19100 at 13:17:01:

At 12 weeks the placenta is making more progesterone than you are taking. It is very rare to have a progesterone deficiency this late. Nevertheless, I agree that it is wise to test the levels as you wihtdraw the support.

Larry Grunfeld, MD

: I am 11wks,5 days pregnant through FET- My RE
: said to take prog supp 4 times daily through
: the 12th week. My OB said that the placenta takes
: over and produces progesterone before that- put just
: to be safe I'm on it until 12weeks. My question is, I
: was on Estrace for 7 weeks (gradually reducing dosage)
: and drawing bloods every other day to monitor level.
: How come it is not necessary to do this for progesterone
: levels? Won't it shock the body to go cold turkey?

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