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Posted by on June 05, 19100 at 08:01:06:

If you are Catholic and want a comprehensive mandate, we need your help NOW. The Catholic Conference is speaking for you, and they are saying that you want IVF excluded from your insurance coverage! If you do not agree, and want a full comprehensive mandate that will cover all assisted reproductive technologies, including IVF, we need you to fax and call Senator Bruno TODAY!!! Get you friends to write and call!! Call you family!!! The time is now and the Catholic Conference is working very hard to convince NY State Senators that these services are should be excluded from the mandate. Tell Senator Bruno that you are Catholic and you make your own decisions about reproduction and that you need IVF to be a part of any mandate. Please speak up now!! If you are an employee of a Catholic institution, you may be effected as well if a religious clause is put into the mandate, making it possible for Catholic institutions to opt out of the coverage. If you are not Catholic and work at a Catholic institution please speak up as well!!! We need your voices!!!! All this week.....let them know how you feel!!!!!

Joseph L. Bruno R-C; 43rd Senatorial District
Counties: Rensselaer, part of Saratoga
District: 368 Broadway,
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Albany: 909 Legislative Office Building

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