DR. questions on effect of international travel on sperm production?

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Posted by on June 03, 19100 at 22:19:31:

My DH is a commercial airline pilot requiring him to travel to different time zones each week and spend approx. 70 to 90 hours a month in the air. His volume has ranged from .45 cc to 1cc, morphology 16% to 30%, progression 2 to 2+, (some 3's) and count 72 to 118 million.
1. If travelling is effecting his pituitary gland in turn effecting his sperm production which parameters would be effected? volume? motility? morpholgy?
2. If this is part of the problem would there have been a problem with his blood work?
3. What degree of impact does non-ionizing radiation has on morpholoy and motility? (As I said my DH would be exposed to 70 to 90 hrs per month.)
After preliminary testing the urologist did not pinpoint a particular reason for the poor quality. Any help is appreciated!
Thank you so much.

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