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Posted by on June 03, 19100 at 17:59:51:

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I'm glad that someone is still trying to correct fertility problems with surgery. I think that if you are unable to concieve on your own after two surgeries you should consider another approach such as IVF.

Try your best for now. If you are not successful within your window, consider moving on.

Good luck,

Dr. Barad

: Well, I had the lap done over a week ago and they found a lot more endo and it's only been six months since the last lap. My ovaries now have black spots on them instead of just the dark red. I was feeling pretty great until I got a horrible infection in one incision. I couldn't even sit up and I was running a fever and nauseous all the time. We went to Vegas a week after and I still had to be in a wheelchair most the time because it hurt so bad to walk too much. But now I am feeling better, just extremely tired. I ovulated a few days after surgery and we tried. Does anyone know if that is too soon or if the infection would cause it not to work? Just wondering. The doctor says my window of opportunity is down to 2-3 months after surgery and then if I don't get pregnant I will probably have to have surgery more often than once a year. My husband is ok and everything else is ok for me, I wonder how good a chance I have to concieve. thanks leslie, for the email, I'm not at the office I have email right now but when I can I will respond. thanks so much for caring everyone. Hope everyone is doing ok. Love, Tiff

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