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Posted by Eva on May 31, 19100 at 19:44:37:

In Reply to: A ? on lupron posted by PAT on May 31, 19100 at 18:50:51:

: this is my first IVF! been on lupron/provera with 20 units of lupron started day 6 of provera. been on lupron for 10 days. still didn't get AF. My RE only does e2s on thursdays(why I don't know) so if I get it today I have to wait another 8 days totaling 18 days before I start the stims.
: does the length of time on the lupron effect how a person responds to the stims.
: Any feed back would be appreciated
: Thanks
: Pat

Pat, the amount of time you are on lupron should not affect the way you stimulate. Some people can be oversupressed by lupron, but I think that has more to do with the amount of lupron than the time spent on lupron. I know many times lupron is used to put women on hold, for example, when a clinic is too busy and wants to have some women start later, they will just have some women spend a few extra days or even weeks on lupron before starting stimulation. My question is, how can your RE only test for E2 on Thursdays? Do you mean he only tests for E2 on Thursdays while you are on lupron? During the stimulation part of your IVF cycle your E2 needs to be checked all the time. My clinic checks on the third day of stimulation, then every other day and when I get close, every day. I hope your RE is going to do that! :) Eva

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