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Posted by on May 30, 19100 at 19:54:14:

In Reply to: Re: Feeling hopeless posted by David Barad, MD on May 30, 19100 at 06:35:58:

Dr Barad,
Thanks so much for the info on CF. That's a pretty important thing to know. We will definately look into it. The only thing worse than infertility would be losing a child you worked so hard to have. I feel somewhat better hearing that male infertility has a high success rate. The nurse in me knows I have a lot of hope, but the future mom is hard to convince. Thanks for everything. I'm glad I found this site.

: Dear Renee,

: Don't feel hopeless, be full of hope. You have started on a path that has great potential to help you. The RE community is most successful at helping couples with severe male infertility. IUI may work but ICSI techniques are the most powerful. The choice of which is most appropriate for you will depend on your age and how severe your husbands problem is.

: One note, congenital blocked vas is sometimes associated with carrying genes for cystic fibrosis. Though it is not common it should be screened for. The two of you should seek genetic counsel to make sure.

: With work and perseverance you should have an excellent chance of achieving your goal of a healthy pregnancy.

: Good luck.

: Dr. Barad
: : I've been reading the postings here for about a month now, but have never posted. I'm new to this whole infertility thing. It's my worst nightmare coming true. Our problem is a low sperm count complicated by the fact that my husband doesnt have a left vas deferens. We're going to be attempting an IUI this cycle. It seems like absolutely none of my friends or family really have the first clue about what were going through. I was at a wedding a couple of weeks ago and right in front of me, my husbands aunt started asking my mother in law how we were doing with our Infertility problem. She then went on to talk about another couple at the wedding who were told they would never be pregnant and are now 4 months along. Not what I really cared to hear about right then and there. Definately a case of wrong place and wrong time. It seems like everyone is pregnant but me. Thanks for listening, and thanks to the doctors out there helping us out. I'm a nurse, so I know how busy you are.

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