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Posted by on May 30, 19100 at 19:46:37:

In Reply to: Re: Feeling hopeless posted by Amber on May 30, 19100 at 18:43:46:

I really give you a lot of credit. I dont think I could have even go to a baby shower right now, let alone host one. I hope she appreciates what a wonderful friend she has. It must be really frustrating not knowing what, if there is a problem. People do drive us crazy with their unwanted opinions. Just think, if we had one dollar for every person who made a stupid comment, we could afford IVF. Good luck.

Ooopss! Sorry about the blank post before...
: I just had to respond to this too because I can totally relate and know no one else personally who I can relate to. And of course I agree...everyone thinks they're an expert, tries to help by saying "it'll happen when the time is right". Gosh, if I have to hear that one more time...My best friend is pregnant - one month left for her. I just hosted her baby shower. All the women talking about babies, babies, babies. It's so difficult to be a good friend to her and to deal with what's going on with me. We've been trying for 20 months with no success. Every test comes up fine though. I don't know what's more frustrating - knowing there's a problem or not knowing...Of course since all my tests came out fine (I even had a laporoscopy recently!) then that just reinforces everyone's suspicion that somehow it's just my being too stressed out. Now everyone's really telling me, "just relax and it'll happen. You're thinking about it too much!" Aggghhh!!! How can I think about it too much or even worse, how can I not think about it?????
: that I've finished my venting...I hope everything works out for you two...and I fully agree with what the others said, now that you know what the problem is - you're one step closer! Just find a great doctor and go for it!! Good luck!!

: : : I've been reading the postings here for about a month now, but have never posted. I'm new to this whole infertility thing. It's my worst nightmare coming true. Our problem is a low sperm count complicated by the fact that my husband doesnt have a left vas deferens. We're going to be attempting an IUI this cycle. It seems like absolutely none of my friends or family really have the first clue about what were going through. I was at a wedding a couple of weeks ago and right in front of me, my husbands aunt started asking my mother in law how we were doing with our Infertility problem. She then went on to talk about another couple at the wedding who were told they would never be pregnant and are now 4 months al

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