Re: Q. for Dr. -- high responder down protocol

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Posted by on May 30, 19100 at 06:09:44:

In Reply to: Q. for Dr. -- high responder down protocol posted by mjl on May 28, 19100 at 20:14:00:

Dear MJL,

Many women spot on BCPs. In most cases the spotting will not have any affect on an ovulation induction cycle. Speak to your REs office today to make sure, but most likely your RE will allow you to continue with your medications as previously planned, even though you are spotting.

Dr. Barad

: I am on day 26 (Sunday) of a 28 day cycle of birth control pills. I began Lupron on Day 21 of the bcp's. I began spotting almost as soon as I began the bcp. My question is -- Is it possible to get an actual menstrual cycle before I finish taking the bcp. I feel like I have begun to do more than spot. I am concerned becaues I obviously need to know when my day three would be. I am of the belief that Day 1 would be an actual flow but I also know that your period can be considerably lighter when on bcp. Please advise as soon as possible as it is a long weekend and I cannot just call my RE's office tomorrow. Thanking you in advance. isa

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