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Posted by Dawn on May 27, 19100 at 13:10:43:

Hi everybody. I haven't posted in awhile. We have been on a two month break from treatment, and I didn't even want to think about infertility. I would pop on this site every once in a while to read some postings.
But now we are going to an RE and we are back in business. I really enjoyed having those 2 months off. I was really upset after our initial consult w/the RE. It was like a freshly stitched wound was ripped open again. He is recommending 4 months of Clomid/IUI/HCG injections. If we don't suceed w/in those 4 months he wants to meet with us again and regroup. He expressed some concern over the endo I had and if it did any damage to my tubes or not. If it did, our only options are IVF, adoption or childfree, none of which we are 100% keen on. I may need to have another lap done. I just hope we don't come to that. I hope we suceed this time around and this nightmare will be over. I am so tired of hearing of or seeing other women pregnant. I had to leave a restaurant last weekend because there was a woman there with a cute little baby girl. I just couldn't stand to look at her or hear her cry. One way or another, I have to become a mom! I also have been thinking of finding another job with better insurance, since my doesn't cover infertility- which I think is totally wrong, since my organs are not functioning properly- it's not 'elective' like liposuction. Anyway, sorry for venting. But it looks like we are 'back in the saddle', so to speak. I just hope it is for a short ride. There is nothing I want more in the world than to be a mom.
But I would like to thank you all for the support and the many things I have learned on this site from reading your postings. It seems like it is hard to find support for this kind of thing and we all have to rely on each other.
And Anna and Leslie- my heart goes out to you both for what you are both going thru.
And to the Dr's who respond to the questions on this site- thank you so much for the time you volunteer and the kindness and hope that you give.

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