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Of course I sleep... sometimes.

We would like to believe that the cycle with low FSH is more likely to achieve a pregnancy, but we have little evidence to back that up. What is probably true is that if your FSH at baseline is always "good" you have the best chances, if it is sometimes "good" your chances are only fair, if it is never "good" your chances are slim.

Donor egg is the easiest of the ART procedures. The trick is to find a donor. I recomend going with the program that is most convenient for you and has the largest active donor pool. I can't imagine that there would be any real difference in the chance of achieving pregnancy between any of the major programs.

If you are comfortable at Cornell and they have donors for you... stay there. It is probably not worth the trouble for you to go through the preliminary evaluation at another place.

NYU, Cornell, St. Barnabus, Columbia, and our own program at Montefiore's Fertility and Hormone Center in Dobbs Ferry, all have considerable experience at DE. Most programs have increased their efforts to recruit donors so the wait should not be too long.

Good Luck. Have a great weekend!

Dr. Barad
: Dear Dr.Barad,

: I cannot believe that I have read a post from you from 6:30 this morning!!!! I thought I was the only loony waking up like clockwork.. and on a weekend yet! YOU ARE TRULY AN AMAZING INDIVIDUAL!

: Now then, I do have questions.. this wasn't just patting on the back..

: I'd like to ask a hypothetical question
: Regarding FSH numbers, if FSH is done 1 month and it's high, so an IVF is skipped, then the next mo. it's lower.. does the lower number indicate that there will be more success for producing more eggs in that month where the FSH was lower?

: I have a few other questions (please excuse me)
: OK, DE is in the back of my mind and I'm definitely going on with that if my next IVF fails. My dillema to find the clinic that's right for me (I'm currently at Cornell but have heard that St.Barnabus is much better for DE). Can I put myself on a waiting list right away even if I'm not sure at St.Barnabus?

: I'm 43, absolutely don't want to wait till next year to have a baby so I am looking for your expert opinion..

: Now, go have yourself a wonderful Saturday and HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY weekend to you!

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